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Beginnings of a makeup artist!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

A lot of people ask me how I got into makeup and honestly, it was a complete accident! I was staying with my best friend who was modelling at the time and she had a photoshoot coming up. I remember really not wanting to go to the shoot but I ended up going and doing the makeup for her. I quickly realised that I enjoyed being in that collaborative environment and creating a look, so I decided to explore it further. I set up a profile on a website that lead me to meet more photographers for testing; I also took an evening course in makeup to learn a bit more and confirm that this was the right career for me. Meanwhile I was actually in the middle of my degree that I was struggling with but makeup came at the right time and happened so organically that I decided to drop out and pursue makeup. Little did I know what a rollercoaster it would be...!

Prior to that experience, I think everything in my life lead me to this point. Since I was a child I loved art and had an obsession with drawing faces. I went on to do an Art Foundation course at the Art University Bournemouth where I got the chance to explore a variety a of mediums including photography and discover my creative process.

Growing up in London, fashion was always a major creative outlet for me, on the days we didn't have to wear uniform at school I would be in my DIY bleached jeans or over the top outfits (which I now cringe at)! My mother was also a huge influence on my creativity, she was constantly reinventing her look and dying her hair, painting the rooms, sewing and cutting up clothes, wearing her unique style. I used to study her beauty books that were lying around at home and secretly experiment on myself. Once I started going out I would have so much fun transforming myself with makeup, hair and clothes and almost becoming a character which made me feel very confident compared to the shy girl I used to be. I started doing my friends' makeup sometimes and people would tell me that I should be a makeup artist, but I thought it was just a silly idea! And well now here I am!

What I love about this career is that I never get bored of it, there is always a new face, new concept, new creative team. Moving from London to New York was also a complete accident (you can start to see a pattern here!) but it is here where I found my groove and have met an amazing network of people! On these blog posts I look forward to sharing tips and tricks, going behind the scenes and reviewing my must have products. I will also be sharing other creative projects, of my fashion illustrations and film photography.